Million Dollar Cashews

Koeze Cashew brittle is hand-made in our small confectionary.
Our Colossal Cashews are covered with a thick layer of buttery, crunchy brittle. Be sure to try our chocolate version too. The same exceptional brittle drenched in a luxurious layer of rich milk chocolate. Either way, this will be the best cashew brittle you have ever tasted. Order today and see just how good brittle can be.

Cashew Brittle

Cashew Brittle - 22 oz. Tin tn Cashew Brittle - 22 oz. Tin
Item #: 31090
We found the only way to upgrade Koeze’s Colossal cashews: cover them in a layer of buttery, crunchy brittle candy, or even better yet, in brittle candy drenched with a luxuriant robe of rich milk chocolate! We’re thrilled to offer this Koeze classic in a festive holiday tin. We love this brittle and you will too.Guaranteed.
Price: $33.95 
Chocolate Covered Cashew Brittle Candy - 26 oz. Tin tn Chocolate Covered Cashew Brittle Candy - 26 oz. Tin
Item #: 31093
Once you’ve had Koeze Cashew brittle with chocolate, you’ll never want to go back to ordinary peanut brittle. This exceptional treat is still crafted by hand one copper kettle at a time. Always a much appreciated favorite, ready to give in our festive gift tin.
Price: $40.95