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Classic Collection Gift Basket tn Classic Collection Gift Basket
Item #: 32853
Everyone loves a classic and our Classic Collection Gift basket is no exception! Brimming with our most popular nuts and chocolates. Start a new gift giving tradition with this collection of golden jumbo cashews, premium almonds, signature milk chocolate turtles and luscious chocolate dipped dried cherries.
Price: $109.95 
Only The Best Basket tn Only The Best Basket
Item #: 32874
The name says it all. Featuring our customers’ five all-time favorite Koeze products Colossal Cashews and gourmet chocolate turtles. You can't go wrong when you send only the best for family or business gifts!
Price: $129.95 
Delight Basket tn Delight Basket
Item #: 46028

Brimming with delicious Colossal Cashews, and chocolate, this basket is sure to brighten any celebration. Sending unique gift baskets or business gifts has never been easier!

Price: $126.95 
Koeze Gift Chest tn Koeze Gift Chest
Item #: 46026
Koeze's most popular holiday treats.
Price: $124.95 
Friends and Festivities Basket tn Friends and Festivities Basket
Item #: 32873
You’ve got the friends and the season provides the festivities. All you need is the perfect gift to tie it all together. Combining a mouth-watering assortment of Koeze nuts and chocolates, large enough for any festive occasion.
Price: $137.95 
Good As Gold Gift Basket tn Good As Gold Gift Basket
Item #: 32820
Deliver this gift basket personally, or try to be around when it arrives. You won’t want to miss the party. Makes an impressive corporate gift basket too.
Price: $149.95 
Merry Collection Holiday Gift Basket tn Merry Collection Holiday Gift Basket
Item #: 32847
The more the merrier! This impressive holiday gift basket overflows with Koeze’s finest. Featuring Colossal Cashews, Mixed nuts with macadamias, cashew and pecan turtles and our exclusive caramel crunch. More is merrier!
Price: $149.95 
Gratitude / Thank You Gift Basket tn Gratitude / Thank You Gift Basket
Item #: 32854
Showing your gratitude has never been easier or tasted so good. A huge jar of Koeze Colossal cashews is paired with a decanter of pistachios and surrounded by an equally impressive array of holiday sweets. There is no better way to say “thank you,” than with this generous gift of Koeze’s most popular offerings.
Price: $174.95 
Koeze's Festival Holiday Gift Basket tn Koeze's Festival Holiday Gift Basket
Item #: 32815
Your friends, family and business associates will be thrilled to receive this delectable collection of Koeze’s most popular holiday treats. Our intricate silver wire basket, adorned with blue and silver foil stars is fitting for any holiday or festive gathering.Why not give the gold standard in gift baskets? This resplendent basket carries a solid gold pedigree of over 103 years of Koeze’s exceptional taste and quality. Showcasing our golden Colossal Cashews, luxurious turtles, mixed nuts, chocolate-covered fruits and our signature Belgian chocolate bar.
Price: $174.95 
Grand Collection Gift Basket tn Grand Collection Gift Basket
Item #: 32851
A huge jar of Koeze Colossal cashews makes a grand entrance in this basket. Joined by a tasty supporting cast of almonds and Koeze’s most coveted confections, this generous selection of exceptional nuts and confections is the perfect business gift for the office or special client or for that large family gathering at the holidays.
Price: $184.95 
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