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Delen Gift Basket tn Delen Gift Basket
Item #: 32822
In Dutch, delen means share and this basket provides enough Koeze favorites to share with everyone. Featuring the best gourmet cashews, fine chocolate turtles, pistachios, caramel crunch, and assorted confections. A great choice for corporate gift baskets that will get noticed!
Price: $194.95 
Colossal Gourmet Gift Basket tn Colossal Gourmet Gift Basket
Item #: 32814
Named for our famous Colossal Cashews, this gourmet gift basket comes with guaranteed raves. Bountiful and delicious treats will have everyone choosing their favorites, and thanking you for your generosity. Golden jumbo cashews, classic mixed nuts with macadamias, assorted chocolate-covered nuts and dried fruits, accented with foiled holiday accents make this a colossal gift that will make a lasting impression.
Price: $199.95 
Abundant Holiday Gift Basket tn Abundant Holiday Gift Basket
Item #: 32848
It’s almost too abundant for words! This handsome, sturdy basket is loaded with enough Koeze goodness to satisfy almost any sized gathering. Whether it’s a crowd at the office or a large family party around the hearth, this premium gourmet gift basket has something for everyone.
Price: $210.95 
Opulent Gourmet Food Gift Basket tn Opulent Gourmet Food Gift Basket
Item #: 32856
This magnificent basket is packed with a mouthwatering selection of our best seasonal delights. The resplendent gift is sure to bring gasps of admiration and satisfy everyone’s holiday cravings! Start a holiday tradition by sending this spectacular gift.
Price: $384.95 
Majestic Holiday Gift Basket tn Majestic Holiday Gift Basket
Item #: 31260
Imagine how thrilled your clients, friends or family will be when this huge basket arrives at their door! With enough for even the largest gathering, this decadent basket is sure to have something for everyone.
Price: $574.95 
Holiday Wheelbarrow tn Holiday Wheelbarrow
Item #: 33110
Price: $1,399.00 
Santa's Job Box tn Santa's Job Box
Item #: 33108
Price: $1,499.00 
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