Million Dollar Cashews

Koeze gift baskets are an exceptional choice when you want to send an impressive gift for any reason. Our superb customer service makes your gift giving easy. We will take good care of your order and make sure it ships and arrives on time. Our guarantee makes sending gift baskets from Koeze risk free. We have gift baskets for business, family and personal occasions. Call us today with your order and let us take care of all the details.

Unique Gift Baskets

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Koeze's Cashew Colossal Gift Pack tn Koeze's Cashew Colossal Gift Pack
Item #: 32706
Koeze’s executive gift box is filled with three of our best selling items. A tranquil winter themed box holds a decanter of our giant, golden cashews, a box of luxuriant milk chocolate pecan turtles and a bag of our hard-to-find chocolate-covered dried cherries. You can’t go wrong with this popular gift box of gourmet nuts and chocolates.
Price: $80.95 
Koeze Festival tn Koeze Festival
Item #: 32815
Your impressive gift of gourmet nuts and chocolates won't soon be forgotten! A classic glass decanter of our famous Colossal Cashews, shining gold boxes of our hand-crafted, buttery caramel center turtles and assorted seasonal confections fill this basket with just enough room left over to add your holiday sentiments.
Price: $169.95 
Colossal Basket tn Colossal Basket
Item #: 32814
Named for our famous Colossal Cashews, this gourmet gift basket comes with guaranteed raves. Bountiful and delicious treats will have everyone choosing their favorites, and thanking you for your generosity. Golden jumbo cashews, classic mixed nuts with macadamias, assorted chocolate confections and dried fruits, accented with foiled holiday accents make this a colossal gift that will make a lasting impression.
Price: $215.95 
mixed nuts and macadamias in a jar, plus gourmet chocolates inside a holly printed box made for Christmas gifts tn Holly Berry Box Mixed Nuts with Macadamias
Item #: 32889
Appropriately dressed for the holidays, our exclusive design of holly and berries is a tailored choice to convey your holiday sentiments. Filled with our most popular nuts and confections. This classic presentation is suitable for friends, family or the perfect business Christmas gift.
Price: $67.95 
Red holly berries, green leaves, on white box with Christmas food gifts: cashews in a jar and gourmet chocolates tn Holly Berry Box Colossal Cashews
Item #: 32887
Truly gourmet Christmas food gifts will have a hard time competing with this tasteful holly berry gourmet gift box.
Price: $68.95 
Grand Collection tn Grand Collection
Item #: 32851
A huge jar of Koeze Colossal cashews makes a grand entrance in this basket. Joined by a tasty supporting cast of almonds and Koeze’s most coveted confections, this generous selection of exceptional nuts and confections is the perfect business gift for the office or special client or for that large family gathering at the holidays.
Price: $189.95 
Koeze's Mix with Macs Colossal Gift Pack tn Koeze's Mix with Macs Colossal Gift Pack
Item #: 32703
This elegant gift box of a quiet woods filling up with snow is a tasteful way to share your holiday tidings. A gleaming decanter of our expertly roasted, lightly salted mixed nuts with macadamias is tastefully complimented with milk chocolate pecan turtles and a bag of tasty, aromatic dried cherries covered in chocolate. The Colossal gift pack is equally at home in the living room or the boardroom.
Price: $79.95 
Snow Scene Box Colossal Cashews tn Snow Scene Box Colossal Cashews
Item #: 32884
Charming winter scene box features a host of your gourmet favorites! Giant, perfectly roasted cashews, melt-in-your mouth family recipe turtles, cherries and a Belgian chocolate bar complete this cheery presentation. When holiday gift deliveries begin to arrive, boxes from Koeze are sure to be opened first!
Price: $68.95 
Big Red Box with Mixed Nuts and Macadamias tn Big Red Box with Mixed Nuts and Macadamias
Item #: 32806
Packed with your favorite, this festive gift box of gourmet nuts and chocolates will be fondly remembered for months to come. Expertly roasted, lightly salted nuts are joined by two boxes of milk chocolate pecan turtles, chocolate-dipped dried cherries and a signature bar of exquisite Belgian chocolate.
Price: $67.95 
Snow Scene Box Mixed Nuts with Macadamias tn Snow Scene Box Mixed Nuts with Macadamias
Item #: 32886
Imagine being snowed-in when this box arrives! A gleaming decanter of our finest Mixed nuts with macadamias cozily nestled next to two boxes of our signature, buttery caramel milk chocolate turtles, a bag of hard-to-find chocolate-covered dried cherries and a premium bar of Belgian chocolate. Sure to cure the worse case of cabin fever.
Price: $67.95 
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