Complete Office Party in a Box

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Put your company’s logo on the most talked about gift of the year. Call us to create a custom gift that fits your budget.

We can turn just about anything you can imagine into a fun and extravagant gift for the holidays. Got an idea that you would like to see overflowing with exceptionally good Koeze nuts and chocolates? Give our business services agents a call to create the over the top gift presentation that you’d like to see.

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Everything you need to host the perfect holiday office party. This rolling chest is filled with holiday treats to complete any gathering in style and good taste. Once open; pop up the built-in table, lay out the enclosed tablecloth, decorate with the included trees, lights and greenery, then heap on the finest nuts and chocolates for a festive party presentation that they will talk about for years. We even include the serving bowls! Your holiday gathering goes from zero to jolly in just the few minutes it takes to set it up this impressive gift. Make sure you talk to us about logo and customization of your gift!

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