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Santa's Job Box

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Call our Business Services agents to get details
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this premium offering.

Put your company’s logo on the most talked about gift of the year. Call us to create a custom gift that fits your budget.

We can turn just about anything you can imagine into a fun and extravagant gift for the holidays. Got an idea that you would like to see overflowing with exceptionally good Koeze nuts and chocolates? Give our business services agents a call to create the over the top gift presentation that you’d like to see.

1.844.814.8872 Ext.6 or

Do you have a contractor that did an extraordinary job for you this past year? Imagine their surprise when you show up at their office or the job site with this metal job box loaded with an unimaginable array of premium Koeze nuts, chocolates and mouthwatering sweets. Enough for the largest crew and guaranteed to be fondly remembered. When the treats are gone, this tough and functional job box will be a welcome addition to the site and a reminder of your generous gift for years to come.

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