Open House Colossal Cashew - 3 lb. Jar

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This impressive, heavy glass jar of Cashews will bring gasps of admiration. Enough Colossal Cashews to share with family or co-workers.
I just love your gourmet cashews! They recently announced on the T.V. show "The Doctors" that the healthiest nuts you can eat are cashews. Koeze should do a road trip and personally deliver some gourmet cashews to the show. Then they'd realize that cashews are not only the healthiest nuts you can eat, but that Koeze gourmet cashews are the finest nuts you can eat!
- Mary - Green Bay, WI

Make your graduate's open house the most popular ever with food ideas that are not only healthy, but that your guests will love.

Gourmet cashews from Koeze, displayed in a giant jar, are irresistible even if guests have eaten at a previous open house. Best keep an extra jar of cashews on hand with this food idea; these gourmet nuts won't last.  Also available in even larger jars.

Open House Gourmet Cashews 3 lbs.
(6-5/8" high, 21-1/2" around)
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