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Red Skinned Virginia Peanuts - 42 oz. Jar

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Using the experience of over one hundred years in the nut business, we find and buy the finest peanuts available and roast them to perfection. These handsome, vintage-style jars hold 42 ounces of the best peanuts you've ever tasted period. Available both blanched (skins removed) or with the red-skins on.
You'll appreciate the difference in flavor when you savor the best Virginia peanuts we could find. These nuts are carefully roasted and salted, using the experience of nearly 100 years in the gourmet nut business. The large, vintage-style jar holds 42 ounces - that's more than 2.5 pounds - of fresh, crunchy peanuts. If you prefer the non-skinned variety, try our blanched peanuts.

Red Skinned Virginia Peanuts
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