Gourmet Pistachio Nuts - 26 oz. Decanter

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We source only the largest and most flavorful California pistachios. With just the right amount of salt, these gourmet nuts are not your ordinary pistachios. Your friends and family will be delighted with this ready-to-give, fun to eat gift.
Break open a decanter of Koeze's gourmet pistachio nuts and you'll realize what a great gift you just received. Pistachio gourmets have written to tell us these are the finest premium pistachios they've ever tasted. What a wonderful way to start a celebration!

Koeze's gourmet pistachio nuts are also available in your choice of three other sizes:

  • Gourmet Pistachio Nuts - 14 oz. Red Gift Box
  • Gourmet Pistachios - 3.5 lb. Crock
  • Gourmet Pistachio Nuts - 6.5 lb. Glass Decanter

  • Enjoy some today!

    Gourmet Pistachio Nuts - 26 oz. Decanter

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