Mixed Nuts with Macadamias - 20 oz. Decanter

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These fancy gourmet nuts showcase Koeze's huge macadamia nuts, golden Colossal Cashews, flavorful Southern pecans and crunchy, premium California almonds.
"We bought some of your mixed nuts with macadamias as gifts and they were very well received...they're absolutely wonderful!"
—Gertrude - Bethesda, Maryland
You'll savor these huge pearly white Macadamias, the stars in this mix with Koeze's Colossal jumbo cashews, California almonds, Southern roasted pecans. You'll inspire gratitude when you give a decanter of Mixed Nuts with Macadamias, tastefully packaged in our signature foil gift box.

This product is still available, but currently shipping without the foil gift box.

Mixed Nuts with Macadamias 20 oz. Decanter
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