Big Red Box with Colossal Cashews

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Our Big Red Box showcases our premium roasted, Colossal cashews paired with our famous kettle cooked, soft caramel turtles, chocolate-dipped dried cherries and a premium Belgian chocolate bar. This gourmet gift box is perfect when nothing short of a tasteful gesture will do.
The festive box is packed with traditional chocolate and nut gifts that are #1 Koeze favorites. You'll be fondly remembered for months to come with this very tasteful gift.
•Colossal Cashews 20 oz. Decanter
•Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles 2-5 oz. Boxes
•Chocolate-Dipped Dried Cherries 10 oz. Bag
•Koeze Premium Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar 1.2 oz.

Big Red Gift Box with Colossal Cashews

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