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Case of Cream Nut Natural Smooth Peanut Butter - (6 Jars)

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Our peanut butter has been so popular, our customer's requested that we offer it for sale by the case. Here it is, six jars of our famous Cream-Nut, all-natural peanut butter, shipped right to your door!

This natural peanut butter is knock-your-socks-off! I used to buy from Trader Joe's, but it got so hard in the refrigerator. Cream-Nut natural peanut butter stays nice and creamy, and it's fabulous on apples.
—Cheri - Rizes Junction, MI

When a single jar of Cream-Nut Natural Peanut Butter just doesn't last long enough, buying a case of this award winning marvel is the answer. Stored in the freezer, it will keep over a year.

Our natural peanut butter is not "homogenized" with added vegetable oils. The small amount of natural peanut oil will separate over time, but you can keep it in the fridge, or find it's well worth stirring the finest natural peanut butter ever made! Freezes for up to a year, right in the jar.

Cream-Nut Natural Peanut Butter
Case of six 17 oz. jars

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