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Snow Scene Box Colossal Cashews

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Charming winter scene box features a host of your gourmet favorites! Giant, perfectly roasted cashews, melt-in-your mouth family recipe turtles, cherries and a Belgian chocolate bar complete this cheery presentation. When holiday gift deliveries begin to arrive, boxes from Koeze are sure to be opened first!
Imagine their surprise and delight when one of their gift deliveries includes Koeze's new cozy cabin Snow Scene Box.

Imagine the ooh's and ahh's when they taste the jumbo cashews, chocolate pecan turtles, and chocolate dipped dried cherries, while the kids run off with the chocolate bar. 

Imagine how grateful they will be for your thoughtfulness in giving such a tasteful gift. This festive box includes:

•Colossal Cashews 20 oz. Decanter
•Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles 2-5 oz. Boxes
•Chocolate-Dipped Dried Cherries 10 oz. Bag
•Koeze Premium Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar 1.2 oz.

Snow Scene Box Colossal Cashews
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