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Crowd Pleaser MWM - 4.25 lb. Jar

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Got a large crowd of nut aficionados to please? Our Crowd Pleaser is the perfect choice, featuring buttery macadamias, Koeze Colossal Cashews, Southern pecans and California almonds, everyone will be pleased!
Bring big smiles to the faces of your crowd when you present them with this 4.25 lb. jar of Koeze Crowd Pleaser Mixed Nuts with Macadamias. Guaranteed fresh and delicious, our premium mixed nuts include some of the best cashews, almonds, pecans and macadamias ever. The crowd won't just casually grab a handful, they'll genuinely taste them and start the buzz about great taste - both yours and ours!

Crowd Pleaser 
Mixed Nuts with Macadamias 4.25 lbs.
(8.5" high, 21.5" around)
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