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Snowy Pines Box Colossal Cashews

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Decorated for the season in red plaid with snowy pines, this popular business and personal gift is sure to express your sentiments for the season. Jumbo, golden roasted cashews, family recipe soft caramel and pecan milk chocolate turtles, fine Belgian chocolate bar and flavorful chocolate-covered dried cherries complete this tasteful gift. Delivered gifts are always special and this one is no exception!
For raves about your great gift this year, offer them this vintage themed gourmet food gift box packed with traditional Koeze favorites. Hand carried or delivered, your gifts from Koeze will be remembered even months from now.

•Colossal Cashews 20 oz. Decanter
•Milk Chocolate Pecan Turtles 2-5 oz. Boxes
•Chocolate-Dipped Dried Cherries 10 oz. Bag
•Koeze Premium Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar 1.2 oz.

Koeze Signature Box - Snowy Pines Cashew
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