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Sweet Ella's Crunchy Organic Peanut Butter - 12.5 oz jar

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If you're an organic, crunchy peanut butter lover, you can't go wrong with Sweet Ella's 100% organic! Wholesome with exceptional flavor describes this fabulous nut butter. Try a jar today!
You'll savor the flavor of Sweet Ella's crunchy organic peanut butter. It's wholesome, honest and delicious, much like Sweet Ella herself. This crunchy peanut butter boasts USDA organic certification, and is made with no added preservatives or hydrogenated oils. It is hard to believe that such great taste comes from only two ingredients: organic Spanish peanuts and sea salt.

The finest ingredients combined with an old-fashioned, slow-roasting process is the Koeze secret to making such great tasting organic peanut butter. Crafted in very small batches using vintage machinery, Koeze takes extra care to remove the peanut skins, preserving the sweet flavor of the organic Spanish peanuts. The new crunchy peanut butter variety seems almost too good to be true: you'll enjoy the distinct peanut flavor along with the sweet peanut butter all in one. Be warned, once you taste Sweet Ella's Crunchy Organic Peanut butter, you'll never go back to your old peanut butter again.

Sweet Ella's Crunchy Organic Peanut Butter
12.5 oz jar
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