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Cream Nut Natural Smooth Peanut Butter - 17 oz jar

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Cream-Nut is simply the best tasting, all-natural peanut butter available! Koeze has been handcrafting Cream-Nut for over 90 years. Using only fresh Virginia peanuts and sea salt, you can taste the tradition of our remarkable heritage in every jar.
I just can't get enough of your all natural peanut butter! It's the best all natural peanut butter I've ever had. Who needs loads of sugar added to their peanut butter anyway? That's what the jelly is for!
—Anita - LosAngeles, CA

This is the good stuff – the best all natural peanut butter available. Consistent winner of taste testing awards, Cream-Nut has no preservatives or no extra oils (not homogenized). The only thing added is a pinch of salt.

The Koeze family has been hand-crafting this peanut butter for over 90 years. Selected Virginia peanuts are carefully roasted to a rich dark color, then coarse ground to perfection.We produce small batches one-at-a-time, carefully roasting each one, and add some old fashioned attention to detail to produce a rich peanut taste that will have you coming back for more! Case quantities of Cream-Nut Natural Peanut Butter are also available.

Cream-Nut All Natural Peanut Butter

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